Shoulder and bass straps

We are selling accordion shoulder straps for children and adults. If you do not know what size you need, take contact and we will help you. Various size bass straps, bellows straps and catch covers are ready on stock. All shoulder and bass straps are made in Finland and they are having only genue velvet and leather. Ask for more details

Find the full product catalogue from here . For prices, please contact with email.

Hip straps

Hip straps will give the player a much better support than what the regular straps can give. When PasiPro hip straps are compared to normal strap set, you can find out that they are in their own category. Most common hip strap sizes can be found from stock with black colour. If wanted, the leather and velvet can be produced to various colour combinations. You will need to try the hip straps on with your accordion to find the correct size and adjustments.

Why to use hip straps?

The accordion’s own mass makes a preassure to your shoulders through shoulder straps. This is especially when playing while standing. You cannot reduce the pressure, but it can be devided and moved elsewhere by using straps. The best and natural place to carry mass is on the hips. Sledges, suitable for carrying goods or people in deep snow, big hiking backpacks, and many smaller backpacks are having hip straps to reduce the shoulder preassure. Even if the accordion is in front of the player, the hip strap will work the same way as with backpacks.

PasiPro hip straps are suitable for playing while standing or sitting because:

  • when used correctly, hip straps moves accordion’s weight from shoulders to hips and
  • therefore your upper body’s blood circulation gets better and muscle tension decreases. In other words: the playing ergonomics gets better.
Täydellinen remmisetti harmonikkaan.
Fully customized hip strap set with PasiPro hip straps.

Hip strap properties

  • Most common sizes are XS–XXL. If you want to have custom made straps, take contact.
  • The smallest sizes fits even for the youngest players.
  • Straps are made with high quality robust leather which makes them good for amateur and profesional players.
  • The straps are well upholstered.
  • PasiPro hip straps can be attached to normal shoulder straps, if they are suitable for metal catch.
  • Plenty of adjustment space.

Because all human bodies are individual, you need to use some time to find correct size and adjusments for yourself.